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Kenmore Air is a legacy-rich airline specializing in seaplane and landplane flights. With over 75 years of flying, they offer scenic tours, scheduled flights, and customized charters across the Pacific Northwest. Kenmore Air is a leader in specialized PNW air travel.
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Relationship with
this client.

Working with Kenmore Air at HHM, the experience was far from what was initially anticipated due to the unexpected onset of the COVID pandemic. Instead of solely focusing on advertising, the partnership expanded over the last few years to encompass a broader range of services. The scope of work grew to include creative solutions, technological advancements, web development, and strategic collaborations.

Creative solutions played a pivotal role in this expanded partnership. I collaborated closely with Kenmore Air to develop assets that captured the essence of their unique seaplane and landplane experiences.

Over time it even expanded into a resource to partner with outside partners – notably the new NHL expansion franchise the Seattle Kraken and the south sound Puyallup Tribe.

Kenmore Air
2019 – Present
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The challenges

As mentioned earlier, the pandemic had a significant impact on our focus. We had to shift our attention from "getting away" and "vacation" themed campaigns to themes centered around "safety & sanitation." Although being around people still induced anxiety, our goal was to establish Kenmore Air as a secure means of exploring the PNW and beyond.

In addition to adapting our messaging, we faced a major challenge in revamping the website to accommodate a new ticket-booking system. The previous system was hardcoded into the website, necessitating the development of a new website promptly. Furthermore, we had to work with an API that was not specifically designed for Kenmore Air’s flight types, adding to the complexity of the task.

Kenmore Air Website Charters

The outcomes

By agilely adapting to Kenmore Air's needs, our messaging shift and projects played a pivotal role in helping to restart their operations as the lockdown ended and people regained confidence in traveling.

Leveraging my expertise in UX, web design, and web development, we undertook the ambitious task of building and launching their website within a tight timeline. Collaborating closely with Blackfin Webware, we adopted a phased approach to ensure a smooth integration of Kenmore Air's new ticketing system. This approach proved essential since certain functionalities of the system only became evident once it was actively used by Kenmore Air. By conducting field tests with their clientele, we identified areas for improvement and promptly implemented adjustments to enhance the website's user-friendliness and streamline the booking process.