Anthony's Restaurants

Anthony's Restaurants is a PNW culinary institution offering a unique dining experience. With a legacy spanning over three decades – from elegant fine dining to casual options, their diverse menu showcases creative dishes crafted from the best seafood available.
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Collaborating with Anthony's Restaurants, a family-owned business, was a departure from the norm. The multi-generational involvement in decision-making fostered a sense of trust and partnership. Originally engaged for media-buying, the relationship gradually expanded to encompass supporting design work. Ultimately, we undertook a transformative project to revamp their outdated website, turning it into a dynamic platform offering online reservation and ordering capabilities. The result was a comprehensive, user-friendly website that epitomized Anthony's commitment to culinary excellence and featuring waterfront dining in the PNW.

Anthony's Restaurants
2019 – Present
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The challenges

Anthony's Restaurants boasts a diverse portfolio of distinctive brands, with a firm commitment to maintaining their individual identities while fostering a sense of unity within the larger restaurant family. Recognizing the importance of differentiating themselves from traditional chains, Anthony's Restaurants places great value on treating each brand as unique, yet interconnected.

Given their small marketing team, they heavily relied on our expertise, ideas, and support to tackle the tasks that their in-house team couldn't handle. As the demands for marketing and advertising grew, it became evident that their website required a significant overhaul to accommodate the influx of traffic and meet their expanding needs.

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The outcomes

Fostering Anthony's diverse portfolio of brands has been a challenging experience, presenting surprising opportunities to learn from the different brand experiences. Through conducting various tests encompassing messaging and imagery options, we have honed our marketing strategies to better engage with Anthony’s target audiences – and in some cases – expand their audiences.

By embracing change, focusing on food-centric imagery, and leveraging the power of effective messaging, we have not only enhanced marketing engagement but also solidified Anthony’s  position as a PNW staple, delighting customers with unforgettable dining experiences.