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client: GoDrive


Challenge: Full-stack UX design, research and UI design for an app I conceptualized. The goal was to do the complete process from start to finish myself.
Solution: After thorough UX research methodology, design and app for finding and mapping drives in your area.

As a driving enthusiast, I found myself looking at maps often over the years trying to find interesting and fun roads to explore. Unfortunately, that was hardly an effective way to ensure an enjoyable day on the road. I had a few friends who would recommend routes and over the years I found myself doing the same for others. I did some research to find options for apps that could provide this information, but didn't find anything that was quite was I was looking for, so I decided to use the desire to not only find roads to drive, but also to map and share these roads with others. The following is my capstone project for the UX Certification I received from Springboard in early 2017 – the UX/UI development for an app called GoDrive.

I started out my user research by talking to a few close friends about my concept, and from there worked up enough questions for a survey. This allowed me to get a larger number of respondents as well as a clearer view of the viability of this potential app. By collecting this data, it led to detailed interviews as well as information about other options to review and compare. Below are links to detailed analysis for each step of the User Research completed.

View PDFs:    Survey Results   |   Heuristic Analysis   |   Empathy Maps   |   Personas

I utilized those who had expressed continued interest in participating in the research and development to do an online card sorting exercise via Optimal Workshop's online tool. This allowed me to see what most interested users to help come up with a sitemap and subsequent user flows and the first wireframes.

View PDFs:    Information Architecture   |   User Flows   |   Wireframes

With my design background, visual design was fairly straight-forward. I used current design trends as a basis, but also leveraged information my research showed was necessary to create clean and readable UI. A logo, style guide as well as an introductory landing page design followed to give a high-level overview of the app as well as encourage sign-ups for notifications.

View Materials:    Logo Design   |   Style Guide   |   Landing Page

This was a multi-step process which included the main tasks for this app – logging in, finding a drive and mapping a drive. I tested the low fidelity prototype, refined the steps and then retested with the high fidelity prototype – both using InVision. You can review the testing documents as well as the prototype below.

View Materials:    Overview, Tasks & Testing Script (PDF)   |   InVision Prototype

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